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A Project Summary of the EPR Report Card

EPR Canada launched the concept for its EPR Report Card at a meeting of federal and provincial environment officials in British Columbia in early February 2012.

The first EPR Canada Report Card for 2011, released in July 2012, graded the federal, provincial and territorial governments on their progress in developing and implementing extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation in compliance with the Canadian Council of Minister of Environment Canada-wide Action Plan on EPR. See the results of the 2011 EPR Canada Report Card and view the related 2012 news release.

The process to produce the second Report Card which covers 2012 activities is currently underway. The results will be announced at the Canadian Stewardship Conference which is held in Toronto on September 17 and 18, 2013.

The annual Report cards weigh criteria and include questions on achievements made against policy development and commitments; program targets; transparency and accountability; performance measurement and reporting; leadership and innovation; awareness building; efficiency of decision-making and approvals process; and design for environment/environmental footprint impacts.

The review panel is made up of EPR Canada's founding members. None of the review panel members can be employees of federal, provincial or territorial governments. Nor are they employees of any stewardship/producer responsibility organizations operating in Canada. Review panel members are reimbursed for expenses but are not paid fees.

Each year, senior federal, provincial and territorial government officials responsible for waste diversion will be provided a questionnaire that contains detailed questions on EPR programs and policies in their jurisdiction. Their responses will be evaluated and scored by the panel of independent experts. The scores will indicate areas of strength and potential areas of policy and program improvement.

EPR Canada intends to prepare an EPR Report Card annually for five years, beginning in 2012. The reporting findings will be presented at a suitable public event during each calendar year and made available to media and public as well as on EPR Canada's website.
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